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Welcome to the e-cidadania project

e-cidadania is a project to develop an open source application for citizen participation, usable by associations, companies and administrations.

The e-cidadania objective is to maintain the platform as easy as possible while improving in the user interface to be easier to use as possible.


There is a demo running in the website

Download e-cidadania

e-cidadania is in heavy development but if you want to download a copy and test it, you can clone the GIT repository.

Getting help

Useful information

  • DesignConcepts design concepts, this are the guides to follow when developing.
  • Releases version roadmap. This is where we stablish the features, release dates and other things of every version.
  • NotesOnDeployment list of possible issues when installing e-cidadania.


  • Developing: You can take the last code from the repository and experiment with it. When you're done, you can send us a "Merge request". Check the HowToContribute page.
  • Documenting: Documentation needs constant update, if not, where would you search for help? We would like you to help us writing the documentation.
  • Translating: You can contribute translating e-cidadania from its page on Transifex. If you need a language that is not available, ask for it from Transifex and we will create it ASAP.
  • Bug reporting: You can report the bugs you find in the application in this trac.
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